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At Wood Stock Public School, excellence in education and commitment to a meaningful education are of prime importance. Quality education is provided to each and every child. Wood Stockians believe that love for education should be developed for children in the initial years and conditions should be created for them to pursue a positive approach in life.
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School Highlights

Republic Day and Basant...   Jan 24, 2015

  Woodstockians celebrated Republic Day and Basant Panchmi celebration together on 24.01.2015.Dr.Satinderjit Nijjar,Dr.Satnam Nijjar,Dr.Jasreena...

Inter-School Singing...   Jan 23, 2015

  An inter-school singing competition was organised by Inner Wheel Club , Batala which was held at Wood Stock Publc school. 10  schools of Batala participated-...

Lohri celebration-2015   Jan 12, 2015

  WoodStockians celebrated Lohri on 12.01.2015.Students conveyed the actual meaning of lohri through their speeches,poems and songs.Students and teachers enjoyed...

re-schedule of Inter School...   Jan 9, 2015

 Inter-School Singing competition -2015  which was scheduled for  24.01.2015 has been preponed  on 23.01.2015.

Re-Opening of the school   Jan 5, 2015

  Dear Students School will re-open on 06.01.2015 .i.e Tuesday. Timings are :-8:45 a.m to 3:00 p.m